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Assembly Guide.
Please find here downloadable PDF files of assembly instructions for our products.

See also Q&A section - here

1.5m x 450mm wide x 650mm high trough. - Click here

Larch trough 1metre long x 450mm wide x 325mm high - Also for 500mm, 650mm legs and 900mm legs- here

Larch troughs 1 metre long x 240mm wide x 325mm high - 2 troughs per pack - click here

Workbench 1 inch top - click here

Work bench 2 inch top - click here

Potting table 1m and 1.5m - click here

Commonly asked questions for planters.
  1. Do I need to line the planter?
No - Larch is a naturally resinous timber and as such is fine in soil. It is used for fence posts and fence panels and is naturally durable. However a liner might be useful if the planter is in a south facing position and concerns about the soil drying out are an issue. We have larch planters on site that are approximately 6 years old and have no liner and the timber has not deteriorated.
  1. How much soil will I need for the planter?
We would recommend using a good quality compost and top soil mix of 50/50. The amount of soil depends on the size of planter ordered. As a rough guide
Planter size Litres Required
1m x450mm x 350mm high (applies for 500mm high legs 650mm legs and 900mm legs) 120
1m x450mm x 500mm high 200
1m x240mm x 350mm high 60
1m x 240mm x 650mm high 120
1.45m x 450mm x 350mm high 175
1.45m x240mm x 650mm high 175
1.45m x450mm x 650mm high 300
  1. Can I paint / stain the planter?
Yes, larch accepts paint and stain well. We would advise using a quality paint or stain and following the manufactures guidelines. It may be necessary to use a primer and/ or a resin blocker. We use Johnstones woodworks and this provides a good coverage with no issues. We would not advise using any Cuprinol product without the necessary primer (Sikkens Cetol BL primer). Farrow and Ball colours also require the Farrow and Ball primer.
  1. Will the wood be ok untreated?
The planter will be fine left in its natural state. The wood, as all wood outdoors will naturally turn a silver grey colour in 12-18 months. The larch boards will be Ok in this state.
We hope you enjoy your new planter.
We can also make any bespoke planer you may require –please contact us.
If you have any more queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Phil 07778547900